Nutrition – What does your body need every day?

Most of us eat the foods we like without consideration for the foods we need.
We have leaned to eat in certain ways, with influences ranging from our parents and upbringing, friends, partners, jobs, schooling and culture all having massive and often unconscious influences on our eating habits.
What most people don’t do, however, is consiously choose to eat for wellness. Consequently, they get results that they may not want – obesity, fatigue, mid-afternoon energy dips, bloating and sluggishness– and do not tend to get what they do want.
So, what do you actually need every day to optimise your physical wellbeing?
Here is a list:
Protein – about 2g per kg lean body mass (1g per pound). This recommended daily amount varies, depending on which source you refer to. My recommendaiton comes form the research of Dr D Heber, a nutritional expert doctor in UCLA
The UK and US Departments of Health have a lower value (about 05.-1 g per pound). Look here:
and here:
for some basic research from a reputable source.
Vitamins and minerals – minimum daily recommended amounts to avoid deficiency illnesses, more (up to the safe maximum) to optimise wellness
Essential fatty acids – these are fats that the body cannot make itself (Omege 3 and 6) and need to come from the diet
Phytonutrients – plants derived substances that enhance cellular metabolism
Calories – enough energy (carbohydrates and fats mainly, but also protein derived) to run your body’s metabolic processes (basal metabolic rate) and to provide the energy to meet your exercise/activity requirements.

And nothing else!

Now, lots of people miss out on some of the essential foods, but take in excess of the others. This usually applies to carbohydrates and fats, and results in them taking in too many calories for their daily energy needs. When that happens, their body will store the excess calories, either as glycogen (in the liver or muscles) or fat.

And that means they get fat

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